Expanding Into The Future

  1. Continue with educational workshops and tutoring programs
  2. Update the Team S.A.G.E. website to be more interactive
  3. Continue with maintaining athletic excellence through regularly scheduled basketball skill development sessions
  4. Share the Sage Philosophy to more Amateur Athletic Union teams and create Sage Affiliate teams
  5. Host three college tours, specifically to UC Berkeley, Stanford University, and St. Mary’s College
  6. Provide healthy snacks to all kids in the program
  7. Develop the peer mentoring program
  8. Procure a fundraiser to help develop funding for the organization

The Sage Doctrine:

If it’s to be, it’s up to me and I will reach beyond expectations!

Team S.A.G.E Principles and Philosophy


Team S.A.G.E. Principles:

  1. Building the educational and physical capacity of young people to become prepared, accountable student-athletes who will graduate from a four-year accredited university; and
  2. Developing young people to become pillars in their community as well as role models who will reach back and lift others up through their efforts

Sage Philosophy

An at-risk child becomes an at-risk adult. Team S.A.G.E. strives to incorporate the very definition of the term S.A.G.E. into the daily lives of our scholar-athletes. Being wise, astute, educated, insightful, and having good judgment are the traits we are seeking to enhance.