The Mission of Team Sage

Our mission is to create an educational experience embodying the principles of sound mind and sound body, by incorporating academic and social accountability with organized sports.  

Our team logo shield depicts strength and protection. The basketball represents fun and a rewarding means to a healthy lifestyle, discipline, accountability, and ultimately a college diploma.

Our vision is to build the capacity of prepared, accountable student-athletes who will graduate from four-year, accredited universities, and go on to be pillars in the community, as well as role models who will reach back and lift others up through their efforts. 

Scholar Athletes Globally Emerging, Inc.



Scholar Athletes Globally Emerging, Inc. ( is committed to improving the lives of California’s young men.  Team Sage works to accomplish that commitment through promoting academic excellence as well as health and wellness.

Team Sage is a non-profit, community organization.  Through resource networking and coalition building, Team Sage provides educational tools and training to student-athletes from northern California schools.  Team Sage’s mission is to promote personal excellence and enrich the lives of young men, particularly those from underrepresented and underserved backgrounds.

Team Sage encompasses tutoring, mentoring (peer and professional), educational workshops, grade point average guidelines, and behavioral requirements; not to mention principles of competition that can be applied to life. The goal of Team S.A.G.E. operations is to expand existing operations and infrastructure to support additional teams, complex partnerships and long-term growth.

All too often our young men from underserved backgrounds fail to learn basic tools related to health and wellness.  Team Sage life skills and awareness training programs supplement our scholars’ traditional educational experience.  In addition to physical conditioning and organized competitive basketball, Team Sage has held numerous educational workshops:

  • Healthy Relationships
  • HIV Awareness
  • Etiquette and Pragmatism
  • Athletics and the Law
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Reaching Beyond Expectations
  • Facing Peer Pressure
  • The Science Behind Medicine and Your Diet
  • The Importance of Social Responsibility
  • Obesity Prevention and Reduction
  • Arts & Culture
  • Techniques/Handling The Media

Co-Founder Wornel Simpson past quotes

“Team Sage is currently filling a void in the education system by ensuring kids get the needed physical and mental activity to excel in school and in the real world.”

“California Forward’s Government Performance & Accountability Measure will restore trust and confidence in state government and fix the way our state works- improving education, public safety, and the jobs outlook in the state- to give our kids a shot at a better future.”

“Team Sage has also committed to improving the state, and we want to see our state government to meet us half-way by reflecting the passion, drive and commitment of its people.”

Team Sage

Advancing the Team Sage philosophy nationally

Team Sage workshops have been held throughout the city of Sacramento at myriad venues, including the State Capitol and the California Museum.  Workshop presenters have included Retired Judge Gary Ransom, Retired Chief Parliamentarian Dotson Wilson, former Sacramento King Bobby Jackson, Dietician Michelle Lites, Attorney Paris Coleman, Dr. Gina Warren, Pharmacist, and Dr. Gena Spencer-Middleton, Acupuncturist, among other professionals of color from diverse disciplines.

Team Sage has created strategic partnerships, garnered buy-in from participating parents, and incorporated the very definition of sage – good judgment, keen perception, and education – into its programs.

Initially, our goal was to ensure all of our scholars excelled in high school and earned admission to college; however, our finish line has been extended.  There is a real need for continued support and mentorship for all of these young people, particularly as they find their respective areas of interest, and move into their chosen career fields.

We intend to create a larger footprint in various communities throughout the country and adopt existing programs to advance the Team Sage philosophy nationally.

One Parent’s Testimonial

Coach Wornel . You are awesome! There is no other way to describe you. There is, but…………..I want to personally thank you for your time, effort, confidence, and patience with J. I know he can be a handful but you stood strong, you told me you got him, let you handle him and you supported this kid at his worst. You are one of a kind and I appreciate the man you are. Thank you!

Although it was directed specifically at Coach Wornel, the above quote epitomizes the commitment and fortitude of our entire coaching staff.  All 12 coaches have put in countless hours teaching, coaching, planning, transporting and spending their own money to help advance the Team Sage philosophy.

Our History

Team SAGE served as the model program for a Team SAGE-Salvation Army joint venture coined Project Tip-Off providing tutoring services and college preparation for over 380 kids in the Oak Park neighborhood. Target: Excellence provided the academic support including but not limited to tutoring, SAT/CAHSEE prep and college recruiting support. More…

The Future

Expanding Team S.A.G.E.

The Team Sage logo

In Summary

Transforming lives into pillars of society

Team S.A.G.E. continues to offer excellence through students that maintain high levels of academic and athletic performance. With a track record of scholastic improvement and increasing support from community leaders, Team S.A.G.E. is committed to expand its programs, while transforming the lives of scholar-athletes to become college graduates, mentors, and successful pillars of society.