Partnerships and Programs

Project Tip-Off

Team S.A.G.E.-Salvation Army joint venture coined Project Tip-Off.  The program, funded by the City of Sacramento Youth Services Dept. provided tutoring services and college preparation for over 350 kids in several multi-family housing areas of Sacramento, including Oak Park, G Parkway and Meadowview.   Academic support including, but not limited to professional tutoring and SAT preparation was provided.

Sage Room: UC Davis Health Systems and Kidd’s Sports Gym

Through a grant obtained from UC Davis Health Systems, Team S.A.G.E. established a tutoring center in the Sage Room at Kidd’s Sports Gym in Oak Park. 100% of the grant proceeds were utilized for this tutoring center and enabled Team S.A.G.E. to provide tutors for the entire Oak Park community. This center is now located in the Meadowview area at Kidd’s Sports Gym 6622 Freeport Blvd. Sacramento, Ca. 95822 and is an integral part of future planned programs.

Project: Time-Out

A replicable interactive two-day workshop addressing the mind, body and spirit of the scholar-athlete. Incorporates creating a clear vision for what you want; determining concrete steps to get to your vision; overcoming past failures and traumas to achieve greatness; strength and agility training; holistic/wellness presentations; and a personal fitness assessment. This workshop is a fantastic way to bring competing groups together.

Sponsered Programs